Doggie Dental Care | Groomingtails

Just as it’s vital to care for our own teeth, it’s equally vital to ensure our dog’s are well looked after too. But as research shows, a huge percentage (as much as 80%) of dogs begin to show the first signs of oral disease by the time they turn just 2 years old. Usually this is due to tartar build-up, and while regular cleaning at home will certainly work to prevent it, this isn’t always enough.

That’s where Groomingtails come in. Our trained professionals offer a teeth cleaning service that harnesses the power of Ultrasound Technology, providing staggering results in just a few sessions. It’s a low-stress and comfortable experience for your pet, being non-invasive and extremely similar to regular tooth brushing in technique.

How Ultrasound Teeth Cleaning Works

We use an ultrasound toothbrush which creates as much as 96m oscillations per minute, which when combined with a specialist toothpaste creates nano-bubbles and a suction effect which goes to work on tartar, plaque and impurities – destroying bacteria and germs at the same time.

While it sounds a bit intimidating, it’s a completely silent and non-vibrational procedure, making it exceptionally pet friendly! We’ll simply hold the toothbrush in place while encouraging them with the kind of positive reinforcement our grooomers are so used to giving.

As well as cleaning the teeth, this procedure can help you safeguard against:

  • Periodontitis
  • Gum inflammation
  • Tartar formation
  • Bad breath
  • Chronic mouth cavity diseases

To learn more about our dental care packages, or to inquire about any of the other services detailed on the Groomingtails website, call 020 8681 5444 (Wallington) today.