Leave Your Pup in Trusted Hands | Groomingtails

Busy dog mums and dads are often struck with a dilemma: they have a busy day ahead but don’t want to leave them alone unattended. But sometimes friends, family and other sympathisers are too far away or busy themselves to lend a hand. It then becomes clear you need a professional who will take great care of your dog while you go about your business, with complete peace of mind.

Groomingtails offers exactly that, day care from true dog lovers who live and breathe to look after dogs whether via grooming, providing dental care or simply giving them a safe, comfortable space to wile the day away. We’re aware that no two dogs are exactly the same, and have different needs when it comes to providing day care. But we look to ensure that all dogs staying with Groomingtails are stimulated and above all happy, so they can play, socialise and have a fulfilling day even while master’s away!

Long Lasting Relationships

Many of the clients for whom we provide day care are with us throughout the week, and we love nothing more these opportunities to build up long lasting relationships with humans and dogs alike! It gives us a chance to really get to know your dog, so we know what toys, activities and treats are best likely to get tails wagging, and keep them wagging.

Contact Groomingtails today to find out about how our dog day care service can look after your canine companion when life gets a bit too busy. You can reach us on 020 8681 5444 (Wallington).