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Our canine companions can be prone to getting both mucky and scruffy, and from time to time it can pay to visit professional groomers who will get them cleaned up and looking their very best. Whether you have a Bichon Frise desperately in need of getting the hair out their eyes, or a Saint Bernard that’s not had a proper bath for some time, we’d love to hear from you. The way we approach grooming is tailored to what you’re looking to achieve, but is always informed by what is best for the breed.

Groomingtails has two locations in Wallington and Tadworth respectively, each of which is staffed by qualified dog groomers who love nothing more than welcoming new customers, and will make both you and your furry friend feel welcome and at ease. This includes puppies, who we highly recommend getting in for a groom so they get used to it early on in life; just as with early socialisation is key, it’s a great way to go about raising your pup.

Our Grooming Services

Full Wash & Groom – A full wash and groom will include a dual shampoo wash with quality, organic shampoos that are easy on sensitive skin. It also includes nail clipping, an ear clean and a trim to your tastes. This service is priced by weight and breed: small, medium, large and extra-large breeds – as the latter will usually require a fair bit longer to get washed and trimmed.

Nail Clipping – Trimming the nails of your dog is very important, but many find it a challenge for a number of reasons. It might be that your dog finds it nerve wracking and struggles to keep still, making it an ordeal for both of you. Others aren’t confident with carrying out nail clipping themselves, or it might be that it’s difficult to perform due to the sheer size of your dog! Our trained professionals ensure your dogs’ nails are trimmed to a healthy level – avoiding the quick – in a way which is quick and painless for all involved.

Hand Stripping – Not all dogs can simply get a fancy new haircut and be ready to show off on their next walk! Some breeds need more specialist techniques to cultivate a happy, healthy coat – and healthy skin to boot. One such technique, differing from clipping, is hand stripping. This sees hair carefully removed from the root so a new coat can grow in. What results is a shiny, healthy new coat and not simply dead fur being removed off the top. It’s not for all breeds, however – so don’t hesitate to ask our groomers if you’re curious if yours is right for it.

All breeds great and small are welcome at Groomingtails. To book in dog grooming or learn more about what we offer, call 020 8681 5444 (Wallington branch).